Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Clink the glasses

A legendary New Years locale. There's no power or running water. Hence, no one puking on your shoes or spilling your beer.

Stupe and the original renegade pacing part of the cabin fleet; a 1973 Polaris TX.

The Polaris with original owner.

The fishing was slow on new years eve. We thought for sure we'd get some action with a low front and some snow coming in. I thought the sunken island would hold some fish but no one wanted to paddle out that far fearing the east wind would pick up.

The DA swatting dogs off of a new set of skate skiis.

Isn't that just delicious?

We hung this for some light...

...didn't need it. Burning the deadfalls and an old dock made of spruce.

The DA recovering with Rudy, a springer puppy with a good life ahead of him.
Hope yours is good, too
Happy New Year.


lisat said...
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lisat said...

Whoopsah Daisy...
Someone forgot to post the 70's pics.
Easily overlooked I suppose.
I request the one where your sitting on the bar stool and the one where your dancing with your wife.
Actually, I insist.
Nature nature nature, wig, wig, nature nature nature...

t-mos said...

lisa, scroll down!

K, yes, yes and yes. well done.

lisat said...

amatuer blogger reader scrolled and scrolled and only saw limo party pic.
no 70's party
so that's nature nature nature wig nature nature nature.
looking for wig wig.
am I doing this wrong?

K said...

I wanted this to be more like a nature, nature, nature, beer, beer, nature, nature, nature type blog.

Flytimes said...

Great post. Thanks