Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another opener

Regular firearms deer season this time.

A sunrise, a sunset, and another sunrise later, I had a deer walk behind me and a forked buck tooling along with a six pointer pass right in front of me. They were in a hurry. For fun, I gave an estrus bleat (horny doe in a can) twice and it stopped the six-point long enough to flick an ear, hop the brush just behind the pine in the photo, and disappear downhill. I have no time for nicking running deer in heavy brush. Even less time for dragging it the mile it ran afterwards. Fack that.

Scorewise I'm ahead. Three deer through as opposed to none. No heavy weather. All the nifty shit that happens when your pieholer is shut and your ears and eyes aren't (super-duper especially when watching those addictive nighttime soaps like gheys anatomy),
and leaving the bullet riddled shore for some cabin hunting solitude.

The red carpet.
You walk on it. You clean it.