Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Green, used but in good shape.

Building furniture, even small pieces, takes time, tools, patience, time and practice. If you want the piece to be perfectly square, true and most importantly, lasting, square twice mentioned attributes.
The best thing about redwood is what happens to it when it gets wet.
Having spent too many hours in a pocket filled with popple twigs and fish eggs, the camera lens needs some polishing.

Thirty five years of deck railing gets new use. Getting there the hard way, but worth it. Actually, I got pretty jealous of some of the stuff I set up for my brother, which, coincidentally was green lumber as well. This setup will be around awhile.


salmobyfly said...

NICE WORK. Looks like a nifty corner to hang out in.

t-mos said...

"Looks like a nifty corner to hang out in."

pretty much, yeah. awesome woodsmanship, or woodcraftery, or whatever you call it, it's niiiice.