Saturday, September 22, 2007

New season

I brake for ruffed grouse.
Here's stupe. Her apparent interest indicates a certain recognizance. I was going to shoot this bird but I got caught up in the dogs' antics and shot this pic instead. The bird flushed.

Stupe at work.

Stupe and bones.

Richard gearing up bones. Bones is a pudelpointer named after the ruffed grouses' genus Bonasa.

Richard at the walleye office. I'm sitting in the cabin. Feet up.

Here's stupe. If birds hang on a barbed wire fence beside a dog and a broken down over-under in the field for too many pictures they just rot. Cut into strips and rolled in seasoned flour and pan-fried, these went good with a can of beer.

The end of another opening day at the cabin. Richard felt it best to take the last few out of a 20 year vintage bottle of Beam given to him by his brother in law. He also felt it best to point out his cribbage win. Alas, I took the rubber match.

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salmobyfly said... that looks like a weekend right out of a Gordon MacQuarrie book.