Monday, September 24, 2007


So I got an email from my new ses-in-law with a link to a Mason Jennings concert, it read "YOU HAVE TO GO SEE THIS!" My brother and her got me turned on to him since they gave me the honor of playing one of his ditties for their first dance. The DA and I pondered it and finally gave it the all clear when mom called and invited us to join her and my sis. Her nickel, to boot.
Now, I'm not a folk junkie so I can't weep tears o' prayer for this guy, but I know a solid performer when I see one. He earned his keep at the show and the cash I paid to get him on my Ipod. So cheers, Mason, you did a good job. Plus, being older than college age, its was a cool experience...Til mom started jamming the Floyd Kramer on the way home.

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