Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The view from across the road

An earlier post heralded the DA as community peacekeeper and since its inception to the www, readers wanna know; any word from the neighbors? Well, I can say this: After all the bitching, loud (and friends, I mean loud) music (with a scattering of evangelism), and vehicle revving, the finn bomb left a crater destitute of any of the above. A void where unhappy life once thrived.

Think of it. The creation of peace and quiet.

Based on experience, I can tell you the DA, despite her size, won't be eating crap sammies long if there's a Big Mac nearby. But I really am impressed with this. I hope I can pick the lock to this wonderful gift. I'll be sure to share, the world needs way more of it.


t-mos said...

excellent. that guy is a little prick.

K said...

Just another dude with issues the DA didn't want to hear about while she was having bath time.