Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Common anomalies

When an aspen tree grows up with any variation of climbing vine wrapped around it, here's what happens:

These are some of my collection in various stages of finishing.

I'll get around to making a groovy flytie table and maybe even take a crack at a chair when I find just the right specimens. Until and after then, they'll be another reason to exit indoors, mosey the "wilderness" and miss another blue ribbon edition of "Puking with the Stars".

A finished unit.

The more wraps the rarer, this is probably a one in a thousand find. Richard fashioned this walking stick. Now in retirement, he gets to think about important things more often, like wrapping romex around young popples in an attempt to create a real eye opener.

He's got a garage full and told me to turn my blog into a cheap garage sale. Comment on latest post if interested. You'll improve a SD pheasant trip for an honest Finlander if you do.

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